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EPFCU is your one-stop shop for financial service needs.

Wire Transfers

We allow both incoming and outgoing wire transfers. Simply provide the financial institution holding the funds with the following information for wiring to EPFCU.

Wire Transfer to your EPFCU Account

  • Direct funds to EPFCU via Vizo Financial FCU in Middletown, PA.
    • EPFCU Account #25407422210100
    • Vizo Financial FCU Routing #231387550
  • Requested funds are credited to EPFCU's corporate account with final credit to your personal account number.

Wire Transfer to another Financial Institution

Conveniently request domestic or international wire transfers from your EPFCU account to another financial institution:

Travel Cards

Get a Visa® Money Card at the Main Office or the Reagan Office instead of traveler's checks and reload up to three times. The maximum amount is $5,000.

Visa Gift Cards

Visa gift cards can be purchased in any amount up to $500. They are available at our Main Branch at the Bureau, our Ronald Reagan Branch and our Ft. Worth Branch. Check our branch hours.

Money Orders

Money orders are available at all branches. They may also be fee-free to members of Relationship Rewards.

Savings Bond Redemption

Savings Bonds may be redeemed at any branch. Visit to determine the current value.


We offer several optional insurance plans to protect your investments and your lifestyle. These include GAP Insurance and Debt Protection available for purchase when you apply for your loan.

Postage Stamps

We now sell U.S. postage stamps in the Main Office and Ronald Reagan Building branches. The Go Green (Forever®) stamps are also available. We strive to make a more positive impact on our environment!