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Transfer funds between your EPFCU and other financial institution accounts.

With EPFCU e-Transfer you can request automated credit or debit transactions between your EPFCU account and your other financial institutions, also known as ACH Origination. To transfer funds to another person or to pay a bill, please use Bill Pay with epOnline.

Use e-Transfers to:

  • Make loan payments
  • Deposit money into your checking or savings accounts

These transfers are similar to a wire transfer without the same-day guarantee or associated fees. These transfers generally take 2-3 business days to complete. Forms must received by 9 a.m. for the transfer to be initiated the same business day. PLEASE NOTEe-Transfers are limited to $2,500.

ACH Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which ACH debits are eligible to be processed the same day?

A: Nearly all ACH debits are eligible. These transactions include both ongoing payments (e.g., a monthly debit for your utility bill) and one-time payments. The only payments not affected are international transactions and transactions above $25,000.

Q: Will all online payments be processed the same day?

A: No. It depends on the institution being paid. For example: A major utility may decide it is cost effective to elect Same Day ACH processing, while a retail store may decide not to elect Same Day ACH processing.

Q: Will EPFCU’s Debit Card transactions clear my account faster?

A: No. EPFCU’s Debit Card transactions do not follow the same process as ACH debits and will not be affected.

Q: Will my EPFCU bill payments clear my account faster?

A: No, EPFCU Online Bill Pay will remain the same.

Q: Will paper check payments be processed faster?

A: In some cases, yes. Some merchants may convert paper checks to ACH debits for processing and be affected by Same Day ACH processing. It depends on the institution processing your paper check.

Q: Will recurring payments be subject to Same Day ACH?

A: It depends on the institution receiving the recurring payments. If they decide to process their payments using Same Day ACH, then the recurring payments will process the same day.

Q: Is EPFCU changing debit posting order?

A: No. EPFCU’s posting order remains the same. We batch process items in the following order:

1. Payroll
2. ACH credits
3. ACH debits
4. Check debits
5. Debit card debits (real-time in order received)

However, we may now receive ACH debits more frequently throughout the day, and they may clear your account faster than they have cleared previously.

Q: What is EPFCU’s Overdraft Policy for ACH payments?

A: If an ACH is presented to your account and your available balance is not sufficient to pay the transaction, EPFCU will first attempt to make a transfer from a share savings and/or line of credit if one has been set up as part of your overdraft protection options.

If the available balance in your line of credit and/or share savings account is insufficient to cover the overdraft, payment of the item will depend on whether or not your checking account has Overdraft Privilege. Through Overdraft Privilege, we may pay the item up to an predetermined amount and we will charge the Overdraft Privilege fee of $30.

Q: How can I avoid overdrafts caused by Same Day ACH debits?

A: You should only authorize transactions or write checks if you have a sufficient available balance in your account to cover them. You can access your account anytime, anywhere with epOnline and epOnline Mobile.

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