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In case of a government shutdown, EPFCU will remain open to include our branches at DCF, WCF and the Ronald Reagan Building.
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You work hard for your money, but getting it deposited into your EPFCU accounts is easy.

Direct Deposit

Have your net paycheck, Social Security or pension checks sent directly to your EPFCU account. No postage to pay. No waiting in line. No worries when you're out of town.

  • Set up Direct Deposit at your payroll or human resources office.
  • If your employer participates, enroll at Employee Express.
  • For Social Security checks, enroll at Go Direct.

Our routing number is 254074222.

Payroll Allotment

If you have accounts at multiple financial institutions, you may direct deposit just a portion of your paycheck to your EPFCU account through payroll allotment. Speak with your payroll or human resources office to set this up.

Payroll Distribution

Once direct deposit to EPFCU is established — whether it's your entire check or just a portion through payroll allotment — you can have the funds distributed among your various EPFCU deposit and loan accounts. It’s the easy way to fund your checking, repay a loan and save on a regular basis. You determine how much goes to each account and you can stop or change the distribution at any time.

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