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Like it or not, money is a big part of life. The sooner you learn how to manage it, the better.

Create a Plan

Use our Money Management Planner (PDF) to put yourself on the path to financial success. Already have bills and not sure how to manage them? Check out our article on Prioritizing Your Bills.

Manage Your Credit Wisely

You're in a great position right now — you've got a clean slate on your credit report. Your credit score will have a huge impact on your future — where you live, what kind of car you drive, even what job you might have. Learn how to:

Then, check out our Credit Reports & Scores resource section to learn how to keep your credit report clean and boost your credit score.

Student Loans

If you're about to head to college or still in school, then check out our resources on Student Loans to help you determine the most economical way to fund your education. You might also consider a tax-friendly Educational Savings Account for setting aside money to pay for school in the coming years.

If you've already graduated and are now faced with student loan debt, create a payoff plan while you get on with the rest of your life — our Student Loan Debt Payoff Calculator can help. Download our Guide to Repaying Student Loan Debt (PDF).

Get More Student Resources

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We’ve partnered with industry-leading BALANCE to provide you with free access to expertly-crafted financial education and resources to help with your fiscal matters. Check out the Student Loan Toolkit from BALANCE. While you're at it, take a look at our Starting Out Toolkit too — your bank accounts will thank you later!