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Shopping for gifts, traveling to family, holiday parties — it's all about to begin. How will you pay for the holidays this year?

Lucky for you, EPFCU has got your back with multiple ways to cover your holiday expenses. Choose one — choose them all!

Open a uChoose Club Account

Starting with just $5‚ you can start setting aside money now for the holiday expenses you know are coming. We make saving easy for you using Direct Deposit with Payroll Distribution. Directly depositing funds helps you pay yourself first — you won’t spend your money before you can save it.

You'll earn higher dividends while funds are held in your account. You tell us when you'll need the funds, and we'll transfer them to your Checking Account on the first day of the month you choose, but not before. This is a great way to make sure your funds are saved for your intended purpose!

Savings Account Rates


Account Min. Balance to Open Min. Balance to Earn APY Dividend Rate APY*
uChoose Club Accounts $5 $5 .25% .25%
*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Share Account dividends are compounded and paid monthly. Dividend Rate and APYs are variable and are subject to change. If you close your share account prior to the payment of dividends, you will not receive the accrued dividend.

Get a Holiday Loan

We offer special holiday signature loans during November and December to help you cover the costs of celebrations, travel and gifts. They're called signature loans because we don't ask for any collateral — just your signed promise to repay the loan. Choose a closed-end loan with a term of up to 60 months. Borrow for any your holiday expenses and make repayment easy with payroll distribution or automated e-Transfer.

Personal Lending Rates


Loan Type Term APR* Est. Payment per $1000
Signature Loan Up to 60 months 8.50% $20.52/
60 mos.
*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Rates stated are as low as. Actual rate may vary and is based on applicant’s credit score.
†Personal Line of Credit Application reviewed every 2 years. Rate may change after two years to
the current stated rate based on credit review and credit score.
††Secured funds must remain in account for the term of the loan.


We reward your good repayment history with an option to take a month "off" up to twice a year. Choose to skip a payment around the holidays to free up some extra cash. and submit our secure online Skip-A-Payment Request.

Loan payments that can be skipped:

  • Auto Loan
  • Motorcycle Loan
  • Boat Loan
  • Recreational Vehicle Loan
  • Mobile Home Loan
  • Signature Loan
  • Personal Line of Credit
  • Holiday or Vacation Loan
  • Share Secured Loan

A few things to take note of:

  • The skip must occur in the same month for each loan.
  • You may skip payment twice a year but they cannot be done in back-to-back months.
  • All payments on loans normally made by payroll distribution will be credited to your share account.
  • Interest will continue to accrue.
  • Your loan(s) must be current prior to the skipped month.
  • We must receive your request at least 30 days before the month you choose.
  • All borrowers will be required to confirm your request.
  • First mortgage, second mortgage, home equity, credit card, student and Credit Builder loan payments are not eligible for Skip-A-Payment.