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Join Our Virtual Annual Meeting, April 21st, 2021 at 5pm
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2021 Annual Meeting & Election

Join us at 5:00 PM April 21st, 2021 via WebEx for our virtual meeting and election LEARN MORE

2.99% APR on Balance Transfers

Get an epSMART REWARDS Mastercard and enjoy 2.99% APR on Balance Transfers with no balance transfer fees. LEARN MORE

New 15/15 ARM with $500 Closing Help

Make your dreams a reality with our new Adjustable Rate Mortgage Special — get a great rate for purchase or refinance! LEARN MORE

epOnline Mobile App

Carry your credit union wherever you go. LEARN MORE

Five Habits That Can Ruin Your Budget

Budgeting is a good practice for your financial health and a good start, but there are bad habits that can destroy your plans. LEARN MORE

Credit Builder Loan

Build your credit with Credit Builder. LEARN MORE

Did You Know Automatic Funds Transfers Are Available?

If you need to transfer funds between your EPFCU account and another financial institution’s account, we can make that happen. LEARN MORE

Viewing Cleared Checks at epOnline

As of September 9, 2019, members will not be able to access or view checks that have cleared before this date within epOnline. LEARN MORE

Get Your Credit Card at the Branch

Your new or replacement epSMART REWARDS® Credit Card is available at the branch in just minutes. LEARN MORE