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Please find below a full list of disclosures, additional information and fees regarding your accounts and EPFCU services.

Account Disclosures & Important Information:

Account Fees

In some cases, a fee may be charged for a special request or service. The following fees were approved by the Board of Directors effective October 1, 2019.

Share Draft Account Fees

Effective Oct 1, 2019Print

Description Fee
Overdraft Privilege Fee $30.00
NSF Fee (per draft) $35.00
Stop Payment (per draft) $35.00
Share Draft Copy (per draft) $2.00
Share Draft Faxed Copy (per draft) $5.00
Automatic Transfer of Funds $2.00

ATM & VISA Debit Card Fees

Effective Oct 1, 2019Print

Description Fee
Foreign ATM Balance Inquiry $1.00
Card Replacement $10.00
PIN Replacement $5.00
ATM Transactions
Relationship Rewards
At Other ATM

1 FREE/Month; $1.00
Debit Card Express Re-Issue $30.00

Other Fees

Effective Oct 1, 2019Print

Description Fee
Overdrawn Share Account $30.00
Writ / Levy Fee $50.00
Return Mail Fee $1.00
Monthly Bad Address Fee $5.00
Stop Payment Requests
Credit Union Check
Credit Union Money Order

Mortgage Verification $10.00
Excessive Transfers (over six/month) $25.00 per month
Subordination Fee $250.00
Wire Transfer of Funds
Relationship Rewards

Return Checks NSF (per check) $25.00
Money Orders
Relationship Rewards
Traveler's Card $9.95
Check Withdrawals Made Payable to Alternate Payees $3.00
Dormant Account (after one year) $ 25.00 per month