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Save fuel, money and the environment!

Serious about being green? So are we!

We get it — hybrid and electric vehicles are expensive. That’s why we reward you for purchasing a vehicle that is fuel efficient! If you’re looking into energy-efficient options when buying your next car, we can help save you money on your loan rate as well as on fuel.

Get a .25% SmartWay® Loan Discount!

To qualify for this discount, members must purchase a vehicle classified as a SmartWay vehicle by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

You can receive this loan discount on the purchase of a new or used car or to refinance an existing loan you have elsewhere for a SmartWay vehicle.

What qualifies as a SmartWay Vehicle?

The EPA rates every new car, truck, and Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) for greenhouse gas and smog-forming emissions on scales of 1-10. To earn the SmartWay designation, a vehicle must receive a combined score from both scales that is much better than the average vehicle.

Need help finding a SmartWay Vehicle?

We've got you covered:

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††You must be eligible for membership in EP Federal Credit Union in order for your loan application to be considered. See our eligibility requirements.