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Set money aside and forget about it.

Open a uChoose account for one specific purpose, such as an upcoming vacation, an emergency fund, school tuition, holiday expenses, or a large purchase, such as a vehicle or down payment on a home.

Starting with just $5‚ you can set aside money all year long for any special purpose. We make saving easy for you using Direct Deposit with Payroll Distribution. Directly depositing funds helps you pay yourself first — you won’t spend your money before you can save it.

Open as many uChoose Club Accounts as you need and choose which month of the year you'll need to spend the money. You'll earn higher dividends while funds are held in your account, and we'll transfer them to your Checking or Savings Account on the first day of the month you choose, but not before. This is a great way to make sure your funds are saved for your intended purpose!

†Funds can be withdrawn early from a uChoose account, but all funds must be withdrawn at that time and the uChoose account must be closed. Funds cannot be transferred from a uChoose account in online banking.

Savings Account Rates


Account Min. Balance to Open Min. Balance to Earn APY Dividend Rate APY*
uChoose Club Accounts $5 $5 .25% .25%
*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Share Account dividends are compounded and paid monthly. Dividend Rate and APYs are variable and are subject to change. If you close your share account prior to the payment of dividends, you will not receive the accrued dividend. Fees could reduce earnings on an account.