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Need a break on your loan payments? We reward your good repayment history with an option to take a month "off" up to twice a year.

Just choose the month that suits you best and submit our secure online Skip-A-Payment Request.

A few things to take note of:

  • The skip must occur in the same month for each loan.
  • You may skip payment twice a year but they cannot be done in back to back months.
  • All payments on loans normally made by payroll distribution will be credited to your share account.
  • Interest will continue to accrue.
  • Your loan(s) must be current prior to the skipped month.
  • We must receive your request at least 30 days before the month you choose.
  • All borrowers will be required to confirm your request.
  • First mortgages, second mortgages and home equity loans are not eligible.
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