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Personal Loans

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A Personal Loan from EPFCU is your solution for home improvements, consolidating bills, or whatever you need right now.

Want to do something special this summer?

We are currently offering loans for summer vacation expenses from May through September. If you need help getting away from it all this summer, check out our vacation special.

  • Maximum loan: $2,500
  • Our Best Rate 9.5% APR*
  • Term: 12 months

*APR = annual percentage rate. Sample payment: $87.60/$1,000 borrowed for 12 months. Other rates and terms available.

Credit Builder Program
Build Savings While You Build Credit

Our Credit Builder program is designed for members with no or low credit scores. The program aims to improve members’ credit scores while teaching financial health and responsibility. Recipients of the loan will receive free financial counseling for improving their credit score, budget planning and other basic financial tools.


  • No or low credit score (600 and below)
  • Requires repayment by direct deposit or payroll deduction
  • Two years employment history (Exception — 6 months employment history for college students less than 25 years old)
  • Completion of BALANCE Financial Literacy training
  • Credit Counseling
  • Budget Planning
  • Credit Report Review

How it Works:

Once a member’s application is approved, a separate "Credit Builder” share account is created. EPFCU will deposit up to $2500 from a Credit Builder loan into this account and freeze the principal for the term of the loan. That term can be from 12 to 24 months. The member will make payments on the loan by direct deposit or payroll deduction. At the same time dividends will be paid on the funds in the Credit Builder savings account. The member will not have access to the funds until the loan is paid in full.

Once the member has successfully completed the program funds are transferred into the member’s regular share account.

Credit scores are based on two components: installment loans and revolving credit cards. Payment history accounts for 35 percent of a borrower’s credit score. Participation in the program allows the member to make prompt payment through direct deposit or payroll deduction. EPFCU will report this history to the credit bureaus.

BALANCE provides free counseling from certified financial counselors. Their services are comprehensive and professional concerning all aspects of personal finance. Counselors are experts certified in both credit and housing, with specialties ranging from money management and financial planning to housing and debt management.

Want to see just how much you could save?

Use our payment calculators to see what combining your loans from other lenders into just one with a bill consolidation could save you monthly. Or, visit our Loan Saver Online Calculator. Just enter payment, rate and balances for your existing loans. Loan Saver will show you how much you could save when you refinance with EPFCU.

It’s all about savings. It’s all about rewards!

Signature Loans

They're called signature loans because we don't ask for any collateral - just your signed promise to repay the loan. Choose a closed-end loan with a term of up to 60 months. Sample payment at 8.50% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is $20.52/$1,000 borrowed. Borrow for any reasonable purpose and make repayment easy with payroll distribution or automated e-Transfer.

Lines of Credit

You can also get a line of credit using your signature as collateral. Use it for convenient access to funds and for overdraft protection on your checking account. As you repay the line of credit, the amount available to you replenishes.

Share Secured Loans

You can use the money in your savings, money market or certificate accounts as collateral for a loan, too. Share secured loans are available at our lowest rates — just 2.5% APR over your dividend rate. Sample payment at 2.60%APR (Annual Percentage Rate) when the dividend is .01% APY is $17.70/$1,000 borrowed for 60 months. You can extend your payments up to 60 months and use the funds for any purpose.
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