Wire Transfers

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Wiring funds to or from other financial institutions is fast and easy at EPFCU.

We allow both incoming and outgoing wire transfers. Simply provide the financial institution holding the funds with the following information for wiring to EPFCU.

Wire Transfer to your EPFCU Account

  1. Direct funds to EPFCU via Vizo Financial Corporate FCU in Middletown, PA.
    1. EPFCU Account #25407422210100
    2. Vizo Financial Corporate FCU Routing #231387550
  2. Requested funds are credited to EPFCU's corporate account with final credit to your personal account number.

Wire Transfer to another Financial Institution

Conveniently request domestic or international wire transfers from your EPFCU account to another financial institution using one of our secure online request forms or by faxing or mailing a PDF Wire transfer form.
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