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Have you ever wanted to see all your financial account balances in one place, just to help you see the big picture and better manage your cash and investments? And what about that panic that sets in at tax time? Wouldn’t it be so much easier to have all expenses categorized and totaled with the click of a mouse? What about debt management? Have you ever wondered what you would save if you accelerated payment on your car loan, or mortgage? You can do all this and more with MoneyDesktop. It’s easy and safe, behind the security of our home banking firewalls.

This powerful and easy to use software will enable you to:
  • Monitor all your accounts in one place.
  • Perform transactions between these accounts.
  • Create realistic budgets based on actual expenses.
  • Customize debt management and reduction strategies.
  • Establish and reach financial goals by creating a custom plan.
  • Categorize spending habits for ease of budgeting and tax preparation.
  • Utilize the customized tools to calculate an accelerated debt payoff.
You can do all this and more with this award-winning online tool. The best thing is that MoneyDesktop runs within our online banking system with the highest security standards. Unlike other money management systems, your sensitive financial information is safe with us, not a third party server or system.
Get started today:
  • Enroll in MoneyDesktop
    1. Log in to your epOnline account.
    2. Click the menu icon at the top left of the screen.
    3. Under "Services" click "MONEYDESKTOP".