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New uChoose Accounts

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Think ahead! Do you have an upcoming event that you’d like to start saving for? With our new uChoose accounts‚ you choose when to start saving. Starting with just $5‚ you can set aside money all year long for special purposes such as weddings‚ school tuition‚ vacation or holiday shopping. We make saving easy for you thanks to the ability to automatically deposit funds via direct deposit with payroll distribution. Directly depositing funds allows you to avoid temptation — you won’t spend your money before you can save it. Plus‚ uChoose accounts earn a higher dividend rate! Get started today:
  • Open your uChoose Savings account online
    1. Log in to your epOnline account.
    2. Click the three horizontal bars in the upper left corner located below the EPFCU logo.
    3. Under 'Accounts” click 'OPEN SUFFIX”.
  • Check Savings Rates
  • Visit our Member Education section for more information on Managing Your Money
  • Use our Calculators to see how long it will take you to reach your savings goal